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Exciting Menu for Your Private Party

There are no rules, neither a secret police waiting to scold you if you choose unconventional meals for your private event. So why not take the chance and choose an exciting menu that represents your personal taste and spirit for your private party!Here’s how you should go about it!

– Make Sure Your Guests are On Board

Given that you’re having a private party; it could be a special family gathering, a business meeting or a simple celebration. Whatever the occasion, make sure your guests are up for the change. If it’s just close friends, don’t worry about it and just spring the surprise on them.

However, if you have some traditional guests coming (like business clients) go with options that aren’t too out of their comfort zone. Or shelve ‘adventurous menus’ as a choice for another time.

– Offer Choices

Even if your guests are game about the whole changed menu, there might still be some who are just not that into it. So give choices. Your event planner or catering company could take care of that so talk to them beforehand when deciding on the food. Offer at least 2–3 choices for entrees, salads and desserts. One option in each category should be simple.

– Think about Special Needs

Find out about your guests’ dietary preferences before deciding on the menu. You don’t want to offer a peanut butter smoothie shake as a dessert if one of your guests has a peanut allergy. Even with specific preferences, your caterer will probably find some amazing food choices that’ll suit your wishes.


– Use Seasons as Your Inspiration

Let the season give you inspiration! For example, with winter approaching, you’d most likely go with comfort food that gives you more energy and makes you feel fulfilled. But this time, instead of chicken or beef, throw in a different element of indulgence, like seafood or homemade gumbo. Ask your caterer about the freshest ingredients and use it to your advantage.

– Allow Comfort

With exciting menus, you want the atmosphere to be as informal as possible so your guests can enjoy the full effect of it. Arrange the room’s layout in a way that supports your goal; to make your guests have a new enjoyable experience.

Decide between buffets and courses, get the right table set-up so people can sit back and relax, and still enjoy their food (round tables are better for smaller plates, short conversations. Let your guests move to larger, square tables for the main courses.)


Talk to Us!

If you want to have an unconventional exciting menu, you have to choose a caterer that’s up to the task, like L.O.V.E Premiere Events!

With us on the job, you can be sure that you’ll get the full-service catering experience that you deserve!

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